Festival Park Project

Project Type: Refurbishment | Commercial Scaffold Project

Project Location: Glasgow, UK

Project Summary:

The Mavisbank Gardens luxury apartment block needed a major refurbishment due to water ingress into the cladding and windows. Located along the banks of the River Clyde, the apartment block is exposed to high winds carrying water from the river easily damaging the exposed areas. AT-PAC’s engineering team accounted for all possible obstacles, providing full access to the façade for the refurbishment.

Customer Challenges:

Due to the apartment block’s location along the water, wind loading’s became a major scaffolding structural issue. Standing at 45m tall, scaffold strength and stability was a top priority. In order to provide full access to the facades, the project design had to work around the balconies jutting out.

AT-PAC Solution:

  • AT-PAC’s Ringlock System was ideally suited for this project to due its strength and versatility. The ability to erect the Ringlock Scaffolding System in any 360-degree direction allowed for easy access in-between the balconies. Its ability to withstand high wind loads became another asset as to why the Ringlock System was the right scaffold for the job.
  • All potential obstacles were identified at the initial planning stage and the structure was designed according to those obstacles. AT-PAC’s Engineering team ensured the safety of the workers and public was the top priority. Public protection decks were implemented to maximize the safety effort for all involved.


  • The utilization of AT-PAC’s Engineering team decreased the project design process. The pre-planned complete scaffolding solution met each of the clients specifications, allowing for quicker turnaround time on approval of drawings and acquiring the scaffold material.
  • A seamless scaffold erection process transpired as the on-site AT-PAC team guided the project roadmap, engaging in each step along the way.
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