The World’s Longest Pizza

Project Type: Guinness World Record | Event & Stage Scaffolding Project

Project Location: Fontana, California

Project Summary:

AT-PAC along with ItalforniUSA broke Italy’s current Guinness World Record of making a 6,082-foot long pizza. AT-PAC and ItalforniUSA not only broke this world record, they shattered it! Together we set a new Guinness World Record and made a 7,000-foot long pizza!!

Customer Challenges

The pizza cannot break, separate or tear and must be completed in one whole piece in order to avoid disqualification.

AT-PAC Solution

The pizza was cooked by three conveyor ovens moving across AT-PAC’s 7,200-foot long track of scaffold. To do this we erected 2’10” wide X 10′ attached bays of Ringlock Scaffold that spanned a combined length of 7,200 ft. long. The scaffold table stood at approximately 4′ High and 2’10 wide using 10′ steel planks on 720 total bays to complete the required length of the surface to break the current longest pizza world record.

The process began on the evening of June 9th and continued throughout the night. The Guinness judges gathered the next day and made the final inspection and announced the BIG NEWS!

Italfornia USA & AT-PAC are proud that we were able to put together an event for all to enjoy and witness history in the making. During the event, we handed out thousands of slices of pizza to event attendees and delivered whole pizzas to local homeless shelters. We would also like to give special thanks to all of our sponsors. Thanks to their help it was a great day for AT-PAC, Italfornia USA, and the rest of the Los Angeles Metro Community.

Other Ringlock Scaffolding Solutions for the event included:

Roof and Stage Scaffolding

  1. 1ea 14′ deep by 28′ wide by 15” high main event stage with platform sitting at approximately 3′ off the ground and roofed using 10′ steel plank with safety latch feature. This will be used for live band, performances and event announcements.

Camera Stand Scaffold

  1. 4ea Ringlock scaffolds 10′ deep by 10′ wide by 15′ high rolling units with decking at approximately 12′ high with attached access ladder for Film crew camera stands to be used by Discovery Channel and Food Network film crews.

Production Room Scaffold

  1. 1ea Ringlock scaffold 10′ deep by 21′ wide by 12′ high VIP and Media News interview tent with roof plank only using 10′ steel plank with safety latch feature. This area will be used for T.V News KTLA, CBS, NBC, ABC, KTLA and newspaper reporters for event team and sponsor interviews.

Jumbotron & Speaker Scaffold

  1. 1ea Ringlock scaffold 12′ deep by 18′ wide by 20′ high which will hold up the Jumbotron screen which the action of pizza preparation and cooking will be lived streamed to for all event and social media viewers to see live as the attempt unfolds.

Scaffolds for Promotional Signage

  1. 6ea Ringlock scaffolds 5’deep by 10′ wide by 10′ high standard scaffold frames. These frames will be for event sponsor banners that will be placed on both left and right side of the main stage.

For stage scaffolding rentals, please contact one of our friendly consultants for more information.


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