1. Can you design and manufacture new components for me?

Yes we certainly can. We have a team of Design Engineers utilizing 3D printing techniques to ensure the design is just right for you.

2. Do you implement QA/QC?

Yes, Quality Assurance is fundamental to our supply chain. We adopt a rigorous QA/QC program for our components at the manufacturing facility and at branch level.

3. Does your scaffold comply to OSHA/ANSI requirements?

Yes, we have designed our systems to ensure we meet the criteria set forth by ANSI & OSHA.

4. Can I tie-off to your scaffolding?

Our Ringlock System scaffold has been put through many Tie-off tests to ensure that if a fall arrest situation occurs, our system can withstand the impact forces.

5. What scaffolding do you supply?

Ringlock System Scaffold is proprietary to AT-PAC, we also supply, Tube & Clamp, Frames, 165 Alu beams, timber products, and a number of accessories.

6. Are you able to provide layout designs for bid purposes, can you supply 2d and 3D drawings?

Yes, we have a dedicated Application Engineering Team that can provide designs based on your requirements.

7. Do you have Safe Working Load data available?

Yes, all of our products are supplied with Technical Documentation, ask your local sales representative for our latest documents.

9. How fast can you get drawings back to me? (usually comes after, “can you provide drawings?”)

Typically three businesses days. However, we will inform you if more time is needed to fulfill your request.

10. Can you provide assembly instructions?

Yes, proprietary products are supplied with Safety Manuals and User Guides to ensure the user is familiar with our products.

11. Do you offer technical support?

Technical support is offered in a number of different ways. AT-PAC Technical Support consists of Product Familiarization, Face-to-Face meetings, phone support, and application engineering. Application Engineering is our number one service, and you can speak directly to our Application Engineers handling your project to ensure you get the very best service possible.

12. Are you able to deliver worldwide?

We have Branches located in strategic locations globally, so yes, we can supply worldwide.

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