Safety Commitment

AT-PAC is a U.S. based scaffolding manufacturer specializing in scaffolding solutions for clients across the globe. Our experienced engineering professionals are intimately familiar with the construction industry. We understand your priorities. We know what matters on a job site and we care about your safety. In fact, an overriding concern for scaffolding safety defines everything we do.

AT-PAC demonstrates our commitment to scaffolding safety in several ways. Not only do we adhere to the strictest safety and environmental standards as an ISO certified company, but we are also committed to:

Structurally Consistent Products

Our scaffolding solutions consistently meet exceptional standards reliability. We stay at the forefront of technological and material innovations and constantly look for ways to add value and improve performance on our already exceptional scaffolding products.

Inspected & Tested Products

While speed and cost-effective scaffolding solutions are of utmost importance, we never sacrifice safety. Our thorough inspection and testing process guarantees product scaffolding safety and reliability – and eliminates the risk of safety incidents. We always aim to improve the overall safety and quality of scaffolding activities such as labor productivity and asset utilization to help you keep a clean safety record and projects coming in the door. In fact, we meet more than 17 certification and compliance standards worldwide.

Environmentally Sound & Safely Executed Manufacturing Process

AT-PAC goes well above regional safety standards to adopt global standards for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001. We maintain more than 25 engineers dedicated to monitoring the manufacturing process from start to completion, along with hundreds more who inspect compliance prior to delivery. Learn more about the QA/QC process that ensures the safety of your products.


Scaffolding to Keep Your Job Site Safe

AT-PAC protects the integrity of your job site by ensuring you can always trust your scaffolding. This allows you to focus your time and energy on other concerns that demand your attention. Especially, since every project has its own customization requirements that require thinking beyond a one-size-fits-all philosophy.


Every scaffolding system we sell not only meets rigorous and demanding safety standards, but is also tailored to meet specific client and project needs. Our customization efforts extend to the specific details of your scaffolding systems to provide special parts and components. Ringlock and Tube and Clamp systems are continually improved for extended safety measures like non-slip surfaces to reduce the potential for accidents on the job site.


If you need scaffolding that you can trust to get the job done while protecting the safety of your workers, please contact us online today or call the branch office closest to you. We will begin the process of finding a scaffolding solution that meets your unique needs.


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