Standard with Hanging Spigot

The Standard with Hanging Spigot is the vertical member of the Ringlock scaffolding system that utilizes a removable spigot. The Standard provides the vertical support for the scaffold system, specifically for hanging applications.

Description PART NO. Dimensions (M/FT) Weight (LBS/KGS)
Standard 0.5m/1’8″ (1 Ring) – Hanging Spigot  0.5m/1’8″                5.18/2.35
Standard 1.0m/3’3″ (2 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 1.0m/3’3″                14.85/6.74
Standard 1.5m/4’11” (3 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 1.5m/4’11”                20.01/9.08
Standard 2.0m/6’6″ (4 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 2.0m/6’6″              25.13/11.40
Standard 2.5m/8’2″ (5 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 2.5m/8’2″              27.84/12.63
Standard 3.0m/9’9″‘ (6 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 01.02.300.00 3.0m/9’9″‘              35.45/16.08
Standard 4.0m/13’1″ (8 Ring) – Hanging Spigot 01.02.400.00 4.0m/13’1″              45.72/20.74


*Some products may not be available in the United States. Please refer to the country code located in the product description for product availability.

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