Ladder Beam

The Ladder Beam 0.45m is designed to be integrated into scaffolds using clamps and can span large distances.

Description PART NO. Dimensions (M/FT) Weight (LBS/KGS)
Ladder Beam 1.21m/4′ 4.0mm  1.21m/4′ 28.60/13.00
Ladder Beam 1.52m/5′, 4.0mm  1.52m/5′                             35.75/16.25
Ladder Beam 1.82m/6′, 4.0mm  1.82m/6′ 42.90/19.50
Ladder Beam 2.43m/8′, 4.0mm  2.43m/8′ 57.20/26.00
Ladder Beam 3.05m/10′ 4.0mm 17.01.305.00  3.05m/10′ 78.76/35.80
Ladder Beam 3.35m/11′, 4.0mm 17.01.335.00   3.35m/11′ 92.51/42.05
Ladder Beam 3.90m/13′ 4.0mm 17.01.390.00  3.90m/13′ 111.54/50.70
Ladder Beam 4.88m/16′, 4.0mm 17.01.488.00  4.88m/16′ 133.98/60.90
Ladder Beam 6.39m/21′, 4.0mm 17.01.639.00   6.39m/21′ 175.18/79.63

*Some products may not be available in the United States. Please refer to the country code located in the product description for product availability.

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