Ringlock Buyer’s Guide

Ringlock scaffolding is one of the most popular types of scaffolding systems in the world. As a modular scaffolding system, it is extremely versatile and can be erected from the ground up or suspended. Ringlock scaffolding can also be erected in a stationary or rolling tower configuration, which makes it perfect for safe work at height.

The challenge of Ringlock scaffolding is deciding what components are needed to create a solution that works for your job site. For example, if high loads are going to be transferred through the scaffold, then Truss Ledgers (Double Ledgers) will be necessary. Likewise, if the scaffold is going to be suspended or hung, then a decision must be made on whether to erect the scaffolding using Ringlock Lattice Girders or a large Truss.

In addition, Ringlock component sizes vary depending on the region you are operating in. For example, in North America and Australia the Imperial Ringlock sizes are available in 7’-0” (2.13m) and 10’-0” (3.05m) bay lengths. However, in South America and Europe, available bay lengths are 6’-9 ½” (2.07m), & 10’-1” (3.07) respectively.

The engineers at AT-PAC are here to make these choices easier for you. Contact Us to schedule a consultation about which Ringlock scaffolding parts and accessories are the best option for your job site.

Why Choose Ringlock Scaffolding from AT-PAC?

AT-PAC is continuously innovating. We re-designed and re-engineered the original Ringlock Scaffolding System in 2012 to continue to provide superior strength and quality over other makers of Ringlock.  AT-PAC Ringlock has been thoroughly tested and certified to European, US, Canadian, Australian, and Chilean standards and is in global use, satisfying the needs of its users with unparalleled success. The system is now in use on many major industrial projects in North America, South America, Asia, and Australia to solve a wide variety of scaffolding needs, including:

  • Façade Scaffolds
  • Stationary Towers
  • Rolling Towers
  • Birdcages
  • Dancefloors
  • Stages
  • Access & Egress,
  • Offshore Scaffolds
  • Suspended Scaffolds
  • Cantilever Scaffolds
  • Ship Scaffolds
  • V Bottom Boiler Scaffolds
  • Bridge Scaffolds
  • Event Scaffold
  • Temporary Roofs & Hoarded Scaffolds


A full range of component sizes and accessories are available to meet the needs of every project and application. The components of a Ringlock scaffolding system are pre- engineered with high strength integrated connections which simplify assembly and reduces labor. All parts of the system are manufactured to high-quality standards using high grade galvanized steel.

In addition, AT-PAC is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and is developing and testing new accessories on a daily basis. These improvements are aimed at delivering increased safety, efficiency, versatility and value to owners and users of AT-PAC Ringlock.

If you have any questions about our Ringlock scaffolding products or how they can help you meet specific challenges of your industrial, municipal, or commercial job site, please contact us online or call one of our conveniently located branch offices.



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