Work Platforms Buyer’s Guide

AT-PAC work platforms are used throughout the world; in hot, dry environments, in regions with stifling humidity, in wind-swept urban centers, and in cold, snowy terrain. They are built to stand up to the rigors of an active job site and designed for use with AT-PAC Ringlock scaffolding, Tube & Clamp, and Frame scaffold product lines.

When used in conjunction with our Tube & Clamp products and other scaffolding accessories, AT-PAC work platforms provide unparalleled stability. In fact, our Ringlock Steel Planks have anti-slip surfaces and holes designed for water drainage, which is important in cold environments where snow and ice are typical. A buildup of ice can dramatically increase the weight of the scaffolding and lead to dangerous conditions. These drainage holes prevent ice buildup to provide a strong, safe working surface.

We understand that safety and reliability are particularly important when it comes to your work platforms. Your employees and subcontractors need steady, reliable footing. To meet this need, we offer a wide range of work platform products, including:

  • Modular Steel Planks
  • Wood Planks
  • Aluminum and Plywood decks
  • Aluminum Pic-Boards
  • Aluminum Beams for decking
  • All-aluminum Planks
  • Ringlock Steel Planks

To choose the best work platform for your job site, consider the scaffolding being erected. Wood Planks are typically used to close gaps in platforms, span between circular scaffolds, or as Toeboards where required. Ringlock Steel Planks are used within the scaffold bay lengths. When erecting with Ringlock Steel Planks, it is possible to create gaps in platforms using Ringlock Mid-Transoms, which is perfect for industrial work where columns or steel work is prominent.

The width and length required of a Ringlock plank is determined by the region or application. For example, in North America all Ringlock Planks (with the exception of our 10ft long Planks) are capable of supporting Heavy Duty Rating (75PSF), which meets the requirements for nearly all scaffolds erected in North America.  At the same time, more scaffolding can be erected in a shorter amount of time using 10ft long Planks than with shorter bays. All Ringlock Planks are tested in these regions.

No matter which option you choose, AT-PAC work platforms provide a strong, safe working surface for every application. Contact us to determine which work platform solution is best suited for the applications at hand and the type of scaffolding being used.

Why Choose Scaffold Work Platforms from AT-PAC?

AT-PAC provides a wide range of work platform products for AT-PAC Ringlock scaffolding and other applications. These products are designed and manufactured in accordance with all applicable standards, can support local and regional duty ratings, and provide a level of safety that is unparalleled in the industry.

Because of the wide range of work platforms available, the need to partner with multiple scaffolding providers to find scaffolding equipment is eliminated. From the base of your scaffolding to the top, and all of the levels in between, AT-PAC has you covered.

In addition, AT-PAC backs its products with its proprietary Quality Assurance System. This program ensures that each and every AT- PAC work platform product is manufactured correctly and functions and performs as it should. All work platforms are manufactured to stringent quality specifications and go through rigorous testing and checking before being shipped. The program includes continual factory auditing, monitoring, testing, in-process inspections and pre-shipment inspections.

To learn more about the work platforms available for your job site, please contact AT-PAC online or call your nearest regional office.






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