Queensland Rail

Project Type: Bridge Refurbishment| Bridge Scaffolding

Project Location: Queensland, Australia


Project Summary:

AT-PAC is a global scaffolding supplier. Our clients come to us from all over the world to not only to buy and rent scaffolding, but to create time and money-saving solutions. Recently a client of ours was awarded a scaffolding component of a bridge refurbishment project with the Government Transport Entity, Queensland Rail, in Australia. The project scope was a difficult one. At 220m long, with an awkward bridge configuration, very small rail isolation windows, and limited access, efficiency was critical. Scaffolding was hung under the bridge with conventional Tube and Clamp scaffold, owned by our client, and it was boarded out with AT-PAC ‘O’ Type Steel Planks. By boarding out the top chord of the Beam or Girder, our client managed to eliminate all Putlog Tube, Putlog Fittings, and lashing down of some 4000+ 3m timber boards. The 4,200 AT-PAC Steel Planks for this build combined with Infill Planks and Plank-to-Plank Transoms helped achieve a flat, level, uniform, and most importantly SAFE working platform. Our client estimated a labor savings of 20% by adopting this method of boarding out a traditional style Tube and Clamp scaffold with the ‘O” Type Steel Planks. The additional use of AT-PAC Interlocking Toeboards and the AT-PAC Ringlock System Scaffold acting as a frame would have increased savings even more, but the client chose to forgo additional savings to use material already in their possession.

Customer Challenges:

  • Limited access
  • Small rail isolation windows
  • An awkward bridge configuration

AT-PAC Solution:

  • the ‘O’ Type Plank offered the Flexibility and Versatility necessary to accommodate the awkward bridge structure


  • 20% Labor savings

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