60 Martin Place

Project Type: Demolition | Commercial Scaffolding Project

Project Location: 60 Martin Place Sydney CBD

Project Summary

The Westpac Building is going to take Martin Place to new heights. This modern 32-story glass-fronted skyscraper will house business, retail, and event space. However, before the new build could begin, the out-dated tower needed to be demolished. To do this perimeter scaffolds were required for both access and encapsulation of the 100m+ high Westpac Building in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The erection of the scaffolds and the demolition of the building was to take place without impacting day-to-day activities in the area as this is such a busy part of Sydney’s CBD.

Customer Challenges

  • Limited access times for material deliveries; evenings only
  • Limited laydown space
  • Tower more than 100m high resulting in increased working at height risk

AT-PAC Solution

For this particular commercial scaffolding project, the scaffold was designed to be craned into place in 6m long by 8m high sections. The scaffold was designed this way to reduce time, exposure to heights, and men required on the job. The 6mx8m sections were built on the podium level by a team of scaffolders and landed in place and secured by a team of riggers. The tower will then be dismantled lift-by-lift in conjunction with the demolition of the building.


Utilizing craneable sections for the build drastically reduced the number of men required on-site throughout the build phase. It also reduced the number of times workers were exposed to working at height and reduced the amount of manual handling in a high risk setting along with an overall reduction in erection time.

System: AT-PAC Ringlock System

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