Ricky Martin & Carlos Vives Concert Project

Project Type: Design & Engineer Stage Scaffolding System |

Project Location: Tahvichi Aguilera Stadium in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

AT-PAC was contracted to develop a complex stage scaffolding system that could be integrated with the production crew’s custom staging components. AT-PAC engineered and designed a solution using Ringlock scaffolding and Tube & Clamp scaffolding to be fully integrated with the custom staging and rigging equipment provided by the production crew. AT-PAC also provided technical support to the production crew.

Customer’s Challenge

The client had to erect over 20 tons of scaffolding material for a complex stage design in a two-day window, utilizing a mostly unskilled labor force. They also had to supply a working design that could handle the required capacities for the massive speaker towers while ensuring the safety of the musicians and over 50,000 concert attendees.

AT-PAC’s Solution

AT-PAC supplied comprehensive, detailed drawings with engineering calculations to our first-time client utilizing our Ringlock scaffolding material and Tube and Clamp scaffolding. AT-PAC also provided on-site assistance to ensure the safe erection and dismantling of all scaffolding material.


With the help of AT-PAC, concert goers were able to experience Santa Cruz’s first, large-scale concert. AT-PAC provided design and engineering expertise to the concert promoters on a scale not seen before in Bolivia. Due to the success of the initial concert, AT-PAC was immediately contracted for the next large, stadium concert, days later, for Carlos Vives.

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