Leinster House

Project Type: Refurbishment

Project Location: Irish Houses of Parliament, Dublin

Project Summary

One of Ireland’s most historic buildings, The Leinster House, went through a full refurbishment during 2017 – 2019. The 270 year-old building hadn’t received any structural refurbishment since its original construction. During this refurbishment, the Leinster house continued roughly 90% of its day to day operations resulting in the scaffolding design to allow full access in entryways and walkways.

Customer Challenges 

Due to the Leinster House’s location in the City Centre, the surrounding work area was limited. As a result, the laydown area was small making it difficult to prepare sufficient scaffolding for erection. In addition to the surrounding access challenges, the scaffold needed to be engineered to support the installation of the customers own temporary roof system.

AT-PAC Solutions 

  • AT-PAC’s engineering team provided upfront scaffolding design allowing the client to utilize their own temporary roof system
  • Due to the City Centre location and limited space, AT-PAC’s Operations team worked in conjunction with the client to ensure “just-in-time” deliveries to keep the build progressing at the required rate


  • AT-PAC’s strategic Operations team ensured timely deliveries of scaffold at the site to keep the project on schedule and moving forward
  • The versatility and several connection points on AT-PAC Ringlock Scaffold allowed for full access through walkways and entryways. The internal day to day activities of the Leinster House carried on without a hitch due AT-PAC’s engineering team and product versatility.
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