Commercial Scaffolding Projects

Scaffolding challenges of a commercial job site extend beyond time and budget pressures. These sites often require contractors to perform difficult, potentially dangerous work in a way that does not endanger customers or employees. Because these commercial scaffolding projects are typically located in dense urban areas, additional pressure comes from having to navigate a steady flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

When you are contracted to perform work in a commercial setting, you do not have much margin for error. You are expected to complete your work on time and under budget. In these circumstances, you need safe, reliable commercial grade scaffolding that will hold up.

AT-PAC scaffolding products are perfect for a commercial job site, as they are customizable based on the unique needs of your structure and the nature of your work, including projects such as:

  • Demolitions
  • Hotel redevelopments
  • New construction
  • Building restorations
  • Scaffolding engineering
  • Commercial construction
  • Maintenance scaffold for repair, and general maintenance


Winvic – Newhall Street

Project Type: Commercial / Residential Project Location: Birmingham, UK

Festival Park Project

Project Type: Refurbishment | Commercial Scaffold Project Project Location: Glasgow, UK

Parklands Project

Project Type: New Build | Commercial Scaffolding Project Project Location: Gold Coast Queensland

60 Martin Place

Project Type: Demolition | Commercial Scaffolding Project Project Location: 60 Martin Place Sydney CBD

Sunnybank Hills

Project Type: Redevelopment | Commercial Scaffolding Project Project Location: Sunnybank Hills, Australia

The Hotel at Southport

Project Type: New Construction | Commercial Scaffolding Project Project Location: Renton, Washington

Why Our Scaffolding Solutions Are Perfect For Your Commercial Job Site

AT-PAC understands the pressures of commercial scaffolding job sites. We have extensive experience serving people in the commercial industry, including commercial janitorial staff, electricians, HVAC contractors, painting contractors, schools, sports facilities, general contractors, specialty contractors, and maintenance managers. These people turn to us because with AT-PAC commercial scaffolding, you can expect:

  • Reliable Materials. AT-PAC’s reliable Ringlock scaffolding has proven time and time again that it can handle the rigors of a commercial job site. For more than two decades, our scaffolding systems have enabled extraordinary work for contractors and project managers trying to complete difficult tasks in commercial environments.
  • Experienced Engineers. The advantages of AT-PAC’s scaffolding systems in a commercial environment extend beyond the strength, safety, and reliability of scaffolding itself. Our technical services division can – and will – work with you to design and engineer a commercial scaffolding solution that fits into the unique and difficult parameters of your job site.
  • Safe and Robust Accessories. During your consultation with our scaffolding professionals, we will help you find the proper access and egress elements that will make it possible for you to safely complete your work. When working in a commercial environment, tools such as ladders, ladder access transoms, swing gates, and guard rails are invaluable for providing your workers access, while protecting civilians.

If you are facing a difficult or complicated project on a commercial job site and you need high-quality scaffolding for the job, contact us online or call the regional office closest to you.

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