Industrial Scaffolding

For more than two decades, AT-PAC has been a leading supplier of high-quality industrial scaffolding to contractors and project managers worldwide. As a result of this experience, we are uniquely well-positioned to deliver a scaffolding solution that creates a safe, reliable environment for industrial projects, including projects such as:

  • Wisconsin Energy Coal Power Plant Project
  • Wheatstone Project
  • Chevron
  • Carroll County Energy Plant Project
  • Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project

When an industrial scaffolding system fails on a job site, your work is not the only thing that is interrupted – business at the plant itself can be affected, and the company that hired you will not be pleased. Our engineers and designers excel in finding innovative solutions to many types of industrial projects or challenges contractors and project managers must overcome in the industrial industry such as:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Hot & Cold Weather Environments
  • Offshore Environments
  • Caustic Environments
  • Hazardous Environments

If you require safe, durable industrial scaffolding to complete a job, AT-PAC’s scaffolding systems are the answer. Please contact us online or call your nearest AT-PAC regional office.

Bottleneck Incahuasi

Project Type: Facilities Public Transportation Project Location: Sucre, Bolivia

Abengoa Biomass Plant

Project Type: New Plant Development | Industrial Scaffolding Project Project Location: Hugoton, Kansas

Custom-Crafted Scaffolding For Your Industrial Job Site

Every job and work site has its challenges. A job site on active industrial grounds can be a difficult and dangerous place that poses unique dangers to workers and resources.

It is common for employees at these sites to be focused on their regular daily tasks and not the construction around them, preventing them from being as cautious as you would like. Active industrial plants also commonly have equipment and machinery with sharp edges or corrosive materials. These machines can threaten the integrity of suspension ropes, harness systems, and other crucial scaffolding components.

At the same time, plant managers and supervisors are often anxious about thin profit margins and eager to see the project completed as quickly and as economically as possible.

For all of these reasons, regulations governing construction work on industrial grounds can be tough. Your industrial scaffolding solution must meet all OSHA regulations, as well as regulations written by national and federal governments, state, and local municipal authorities.

AT-PAC’s team will work with you to overcome these challenges and ensure you have a scaffolding solution that fits the unique shape of the industrial plant that is your job site. Our industrial scaffolding systems are infinitely customizable, and we offer a range of products to meet your needs. In addition to our Ringlock scaffolding systems, we also provide:

To learn more about AT-PAC’s unique, durable, high-quality industrial scaffold solutions and how they can work for you, please call one of our regional offices or contact us online.

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