AT-PAC offers the best and most reliable scaffolding solutions on the market today. Countless contractors and plant managers across the world rely on our Ringlock system, scaffolding components and accessories to get the job done – in all kinds of environments.

That is why AT-PACs offers a variety of scaffolding services to keep projects safely moving in the right direction and help customers avoid costly setbacks. From scaffolding equipment to application design and engineering, our scaffolding solutions and services span the entire project lifecycle. Here’s what you can expect:

Comprehensive Scaffolding Services

New and Used Scaffolding for Sale

AT-PAC’s aggressive pricing and superior customer service is unmatched in the industry. With over $100,000,000 in scaffolding assets, we are able to deliver competitive pricing on new and used scaffolding equipment. In addition, stringent Quality Control and Assurance policies plus regular material testing ensure our products meet all global requirements and surpass the competition. Because of our vast reach, we are also able to offer tailored buying options to fit individual customer needs.

Scaffolding for Rent

Scaffold material is rented per piece at an established rental rate on a 28 day minimum rental cycle. Customers can take advantage of no upfront costs with approved credit whether they buy or rent new and used scaffolding. Our stringent QA/QC policy, implemented at all 16 global locations, ensures all rental inventory is in job ready condition and ready to ship upon the customer’s request.

Scaffolding Engineering

AT-PAC offers a full service engineering department. We provide engineered drawings, equipment takeoffs, and material takeoffs. Our experienced engineers use the most advanced industry design software to develop scaffold designs and material lists. We understand that application engineering is a delicate balance between experience, technology, and design and customize each project specific to your requirements.

Product Design

AT-PAC provides skilled, product design assistance. Whether you are looking to design new parts or customize existing parts, our proven 8-step design process will deliver the scaffolding you need to increase savings and ensure project completion.

Online Scaffolding Consulting

Online scaffolding consultations are available for all potential partners. It is one of the project solutions we provide as part of our commitment to flexibility and efficiency.  Consultations are provided by experienced scaffolding professionals who understands both the particulars of our scaffolding systems and the larger challenges faced by professionals like yourself.

Product Familiarization Courses / Training

AT-PAC offers a comprehensive scaffolding familiarization program that will teach you and your workers how to safely assemble, utilize, and disassemble your new scaffolding. Our scaffolding familiarization programs are designed to provide you and your crew with the information you need to safely and successfully deploy your scaffolding system.

Technical Documentation

AT-PAC provides data sheets, maintenance manuals, certification documents, technical manuals, product catalogs, safety guides, user manuals, engineering solutions manual, load data, testing manuals, and more to encourage safe and proper use of equipment.

Scaffolding Solutions and Products

AT-PAC products ensure you can meet all the requirements for a range of projects, including those at municipal and industrial sites. Our products include Ringlock Standards, Ledgers, Planks, and much more.

The Ringlock system represents the foundation of AT-PAC’s scaffolding product line. These high-strength, galvanized steel modular components don’t just provide you with unparalleled strength and reliability; they also allow you an extraordinary level of flexibility and customization.

We also offer a huge range of scaffolding components and accessories. These products can augment and support either your existing scaffolding inventory or new scaffolding purchased through AT-PAC. These products include:

Put simply; AT-PAC represents a comprehensive solution to all of your scaffolding needs. Whether you are a general contractor, or you labor in a highly specialized field such as painting, sanding, or electrical work, AT-PAC’s scaffolding solutions support the high expectations you have for your work.

To learn more about AT-PAC’s scaffolding solutions, we encourage you to contact us here or call the regional office closest to you. We are a global company with locations throughout North America and on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and are equipped to meet all of your scaffolding needs.

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