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AT-PAC has regional offices across North America, and throughout the world. We respond quickly to industrial scaffolding needs and provide safe, high-quality scaffolding solutions. Put simply, wherever you are located, we can work with you to find scaffolding solutions to the unique scaffolding challenges you face.

However, we also understand that when you oversee a big, complicated project, time is your most scarce and valuable resource. Every minute you spend traveling to and from a regional office to discuss industrial scaffolding is a minute you lose on-site, working with your crew.

That’s why AT-PAC offers online scaffolding consulting for all potential partners. It is one of the project solutions we provide as part of our commitment to flexibility and efficiency. We discuss your scaffolding needs, and you can make decisions from the comfort of your office or job site.

To arrange a scaffolding online consultation with one of our experienced industrial scaffolding professionals and learn more about the solutions we offer, contact us online here.

The Value of an Online Scaffolding Consultation

Your consultation is essentially a conversation – a chance for you to speak with the experts at AT-PAC about your project’s unique challenges, ask questions about our company and solutions, and begin the process of finding the scaffolding system that is right for you.

When it comes to your online consultation with our scaffolding professionals, it is important to be prepared. By preparing for your consultation with the same thoroughness you bring to your projects, you can get the most out of the process and ensure you purchase or rent only the scaffolding equipment that is appropriate for your projects.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your online consultation:

  • Assemble as many details of the project as you can. Prepare detailed information, especially information about your projected budget, deadlines, and workforce.
  • Bring any blueprints or plans. Understand the structures and buildings you will be working with and on, as these will help determine the proper scaffolding.
  • Understand your needs. When you have a general sense of what you need from your scaffolding solution, your consultation is more productive. In our conversation, we can simply work out the details and finalize a scaffolding strategy.
  • Prepare questions. We understand you will likely have questions about AT-PAC, our Ringlock scaffolding, and the services we offer. We look forward to answering them. Prepare a list of questions and topics you wish to explore, and we will gladly take as much time as necessary to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

When you contact AT-PAC for a consultation, you will work with an experienced scaffolding professional who understands both the particulars of our scaffolding systems and the larger challenges faced by professionals like yourself.

If you know you need reliable, high-quality industrial scaffolding, and need experienced help in choosing the right option; please contact AT-PAC today to arrange a consultation.

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