Scaffolding Engineering

When you purchase scaffolding through AT-PAC, you engage in a collaborative process with our application engineering professionals. We understand that scaffolding engineering is a delicate balance between experience, technology, and design, and we customize each project specific to your requirements. Our experienced engineers will discuss your specific scaffolding needs, the unique layout of your job site, and the safety requirements. After this conversation, we are well-equipped to design and engineer a scaffolding solution that solves your specific problems.

  • Are you working on a building with a unique structure? We can custom engineer a scaffolding solution that fits those parameters.
  • Are you working on a project with strict, rigorous safety regulations? We ensure your scaffolding meets all relevant local, state and federal standards, including ANSI/OSHA.
  • Are you working on a municipal project in a crowded urban environment? We will engineer scaffolding that works within strict space limitations.

We can help in all of these challenging situations not just because our application engineering team works with powerful tools, but because our team members possess a unique measure of experience as scaffolding engineers. We understand the challenges you are facing and know how to help solve your scaffolding-related problems.

If you want to work with a partner who can provide high-quality, custom-designed, and engineered scaffolding, you can contact us here with your questions.

Proven Engineering Technology

AT-PAC application engineers use the most advanced industry design software to develop scaffold designs and material lists, including:

  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Navisworks for Building Information Modelling
  • Solidworks for Product Design and Animations
  • Scaffold Designer for unique, customizable components, to build materials lists and calculate leg loads while building plans. It also integrates with AutoCAD
  • Smart Scaffolder to import 2D CAD files and plans and create 3D project estimates and quotes. Smart Scaffolder also ensures your plans are in compliance with TG20:13 criteria

If you want to explore the creation of a scaffolding system that fills all of your unique needs, please contact us here or call the regional office closest to you. We will discuss the challenges you face and find a solution that works.

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