Scaffolding Product Design

No two work sites are exactly alike. Every building, whether it’s fully constructed or exists only on a blueprint, is unique – and every job site has unique features and challenges. Scaffolding components and accessories that are adequate for one project will not necessarily work for another.

AT-PAC knows that you face different challenges at every job site and on every project. To help you meet these challenges, we provide skilled, scaffolding product design assistance.  Whether you are looking to design new parts or customize existing parts, AT-PAC’s proven 8-step design process will deliver the scaffolding you need to increase savings and ensure project completion.

8 Step Product Design Process

Here are the steps you can expect from AT-PAC’s comprehensive scaffolding product design process:

  1. Consultation
  2. Design a customized solution
  3. Provide 3D model print
  4. Conduct Product Design Review
  5. Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  6. Fabricate Samples
  7. Conduct testing
  8. Deliver part to client

Through each step, our sales, design, engineering, and manufacturing teams communicate with you and with each other to ensure all specs are met. And because all products are designed and optimized by our Engineering design team using 3D modeling, proper fit and function are always in place before manufacturing. Solid communication along with proper fit and function pre-manufacturing improves efficiency and on-time delivery of custom parts, ultimately saving time and money.

To learn more about our scaffolding system component or accessory design services and how they fit with your project expectations, contact us here or call one of our regional offices located across the country.

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