Scaffolding Training

When you purchase AT-PAC scaffolding, you get more than equipment. You also receive the benefits of our company’s unique breadth and depth of expertise. With AT-PAC, you get both high-quality modular scaffolding and a comprehensive familiarization program to help you leverage your new investment.


We do not simply deliver your scaffolding and leave you to figure out the rest. Instead, we offer a comprehensive scaffolding familiarization program that will teach you and your workers how to safely assemble, utilize, and disassemble your new scaffolding.

What AT-PAC’s Scaffold Training Includes

Our scaffolding familiarization programs are designed to provide you and your crew with the information you need to safely and successfully deploy your new scaffolding system. We walk through the assembly of your new scaffolding system literally from the ground up, explaining every step of the assembly process in a way that ensures your workers can safely utilize the scaffolding. With AT-PAC scaffolding training, you can expect:


  • Customized Options Depending on Your Needs. These scaffold familiarization workshops are not one size fits all. Instead, they are custom-crafted based on your specific project. Your training course will also point out all of the unique features of your Ringlock scaffolding so you can fully unlock its potential.


  • On-Site Support Regardless of Location. Because AT-PAC is a global company with offices across North America and throughout the world, we are well-equipped to mobilize our training staff to meet you at your office or work site. We routinely send trainers to remote parts of the world to provide the support our customers need, and we can do the same for you.


  • Courses Offered in English & Spanish. If you have a diverse work crew that communicates in multiple languages, you won’t have to worry about some of your workers missing out on necessary training. We prepare our training courses in English and Spanish, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, which is a necessity on any active work site.


In addition, our Ringlock modular scaffolding offers a number of benefits. For contractors or project managers dealing with tight deadlines, the ability to quickly assemble Ringlock scaffolding, then disassemble it and reassemble it in a new configuration in order to meet changing needs, is invaluable.


However, we understand that your crew likely contains a range of experience, including veteran workers and those who are relatively new to the business. Even your experienced workers might be unfamiliar with specific elements of the scaffolding system you have purchased. Which is why AT-PAC’s scaffolding training is an invaluable part of the package you receive when purchasing an AT-PAC product.


If you have questions about our training, products, or services, we encourage you to contact us.


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