About Us

Since 1995, AT-PAC has delivered high-quality industrial, municipal, and commercial scaffolding to contractors and project managers across the globe. We have a proven track record of competence, professionalism, and skilled engineering beyond the average quality of most scaffolding manufacturers. Our scaffolding solutions are custom-designed to meet the individual challenges of any job site, including industrial, municipal, commercial, events, and civil projects.

As one of the leading scaffolding manufacturers in the USA, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, safe scaffolding solutions. So much so, that many of our scaffolding components and accessories are manufactured in-house to make sure every detail is complete. Whether you are looking to buy or rent scaffolding, scaffolding engineering, or comprehensive scaffolding services, our team of experienced professionals will find the right scaffolding solutions to make your project a success.

AT-PAC is one of the most trustworthy scaffolding manufacturers in the industry and we are always honored to meet a variety of scaffolding needs.  To learn more, please contact AT-PAC today online or call one of our branch offices located across the country.


How AT-PAC is Different from Average Scaffolding Manufacturers

We understand you can choose from many scaffolding manufacturers to find the scaffolding equipment, services, and tools for your job site. Why should you choose AT-PAC?

We know how to design and engineer high-quality scaffolding. We are equipped to work with a huge range of projects and job sites. We are flexible and we care.

Our scaffolding systems do not just set the industry standards for safety, reliability, and durability; they are also custom-designed for the unique need of every client and job site and include:

When you partner with AT-PAC as your scaffolding manufacturer & supplier, that partnership does not end when you order scaffolding. Whether you have scaffolding needs for an industrial, commercial, or municipal job site, our designers and engineers work closely with you to craft high-quality scaffolding systems for every environment.

Our Core Values

AT-PAC believes that high-quality scaffolding can only be created by skilled, passionate professionals who are united by shared values and a determination to serve our clients’ needs. That is why we have made the following core values a crucial part of our company’s culture:

Safety and Quality

We know that you cannot afford mistakes from your scaffolding manufacturer, and you cannot afford unsafe scaffolding. That’s why safety and quality represent our highest priorities – when you order scaffolding from AT-PAC, you receive scaffolding that protects the health and well-being of your workers.

Improvement and Innovation

AT-PAC does not stand still. We are constantly innovating, constantly working to improve the quality of our products and find new ways to help you meet the unique challenges of your job site.


Put simply; we do what we say we will do. We will not sell you scaffolding that is not right for you, and we will not make promises we cannot keep. At every step in the process of becoming an AT-PAC partner, you will be working with individuals who are committed to honest dealing.


We know that the keys to a healthy business are healthy relationships. We do not want you to only buy scaffolding from us today. We want to always be your scaffolding manufacturer of choice. We hope you are so satisfied with your experience that you return to us when you have further scaffolding needs and that you recommend us to friends and colleagues.

You deserve only the highest caliber of products from your scaffolding manufacturer. If you have questions about AT-PAC’s Ringlock scaffolding or our top-notch support services, you can contact us online or call the branch office nearest to you.


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