Build & Grow Yourself With Us

Since 1995, AT-PAC has helped to build more than just the oil, gas, energy, and mining infrastructure which helps to power and develop our world. We’ve built strong, empowered and engaged employees who have fueled our continued success!
The competencies, talents, passion, and commitment of our employees are what makes AT-PAC a leader in the scaffolding industry by allowing us to deliver superior quality products and customer service, which also allows us to capitalize on new opportunities.
Leading by example is instilled at every level of AT-PAC and at every AT-PAC location and project site we are involved with. AT-PAC’s culture of safety permeates throughout the company to protect our employees, customers, and the public. It is AT-PAC’s policy to provide a working environment that goes beyond conventional safety standards and requirements.
In today’s global business world, long-term employees who feel valued, respected, challenged and confident in their jobs seem to be more of the rule rather than the exception. Empowering those who invest in us is one of the things that makes our company so unique, and is something we are extremely proud of. We understand that providing a safe and satisfying work environment helps us to get the most out of our people, and is what ultimately leads to personal growth and achievement.
So if you enjoy working hard and smart, and are dedicated, ambitious and interested in the long-term, the opportunities at AT-PAC for recognition, continued professional development and advancement are boundless.

A Secure and Safe Foundation to Grow

We’re big and small at the same time, and able to provide the best of both worlds to our people. These are characteristics that provide an ideal environment for our employees to learn, grow and develop. Personal contributions are recognized at both the local and corporate levels, and opportunities are available throughout the world for those who are motivated and interested.
People are People – Part of the AT-PAC Culture
There is no written rule at AT-PAC that states, “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” because it seems to occur naturally throughout all levels of our organization. If you would ask our employees across the globe why they like working for AT-PAC, chances are they would say, “Because of the people.” We check our egos at the door. We respect and help each other out. There’s a “we’re all in this together” attitude that exists.

A Diverse Mix of People, Customers, and Projects

From the customers and projects we’re engaged in around the world, to the people we hire and work with, our employees are exposed to a variety of environments, situations, and people – all factors that ultimately help each and every one of us to grow both personally and professionally.
AT-PAC consists of a mixture of individuals possessing an assortment of talents, backgrounds, personalities and levels of experience, and we all learn from each other. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or a recent college graduate just starting out in your career, there’s a place for you at AT-PAC. This diversity at all levels of our organization is the formula that builds stronger teams, greater understanding, better ideas, well-rounded decision making, and ultimately provides the necessary profits to enable the extraordinary growth of AT-PAC and our employees.
We offer very robust and competitive pay, benefits, and time-off plans at our various AT-PAC locations around the globe, including a friendly, open, flexible workplace environment where your work will be valued and rewarded.
So, come “build and grow” with us, and help support AT-PAC and all our employees around the world as we continue with our uncompromising commitment to safety, including our superior quality products and customer service leadership in the scaffolding industry.


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