Quality Committment

AT-PAC delivers safe, reliable scaffolding to construction professionals across the globe. From the materials used in manufacturing to product development and delivery, quality assurance and control is of utmost importance every step of the way.

High-Quality Material

AT-PAC Technical Services division works closely with consultants and factories to identify the highest quality scaffolding materials and manufacturing processes for the products it designs. Only the highest quality steel is used in every product. Our steel is certified and tested to meet or exceed industry standards no matter the location or climate. In addition, AT-PAC products are protected by galvanizing. This method of finishing allows for maximum utilization and increased product life over the course of multiple projects.

Solid Product Development

AT-PAC products are engineered with versatility and usability in mind. Our modified product designs increase efficiency and productivity, saving your projects time and money. The AT-PAC Product Development department focuses on Safety, Quality, Usability, Weight, Strength and Cost of all products to increase overall efficiency and value to customers. To ensure top level quality control, specifications are not only included on manufacturing drawings, but also in regular product inspection and verification documents used by quality assurance personnel on the factory floor.

Global Consistency

Through on-site inspections and site visits, our engineers ensure consistently high standards of quality are achieved in all regions of the globe, including China. Chinese manufacturing processes follow strict adherence to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 and AT-PAC has 32 quality engineers on staff at our Chinese manufacturing plant to ensure compliance. When materials arrive to their final region of destination, an additional inspection takes place to ensure all scaffolding equipment meets required quality standards and environmental rules and regulations.

This heightened consistency enables AT-PAC to leverage efficiencies and produce high-quality products. With AT-PAC, you can rest assured that your job site is equipped with the highest-quality scaffolding products at a fraction of the cost because of our proven quality assurance practices.

Secure and Efficient Transportation

AT-PAC maintains specific quality control and assurance requirements for packaging, packing, and shipment tagging during all stages of movement and storage. From the supplier’s plant to the final destination, all shipments prior to release must pass a pre-shipment inspection, ensuring only the highest quality products are received by our customers.

  • Specific Packing Guidelines. AT-PAC’s packing system ensures safe and protective movement of products. Each product has its own specifically designed packing guidelines, making sure it reaches its final destination safely.
  • Optimized Racks. AT-PAC racks are designed for problem-free loading and unloading from the container or truck by industrial forklifts. Products with complex profiles have specially designed racks to accommodate their shape, resulting in safe movement and efficient storage. Unlike painted racks, AT-PAC racks are galvanized, making them more durable and resilient to environmental conditions. AT-PAC racks have a very high safe loading capability per rack and incorporate additional supports to improve rigidity, strength and durability.
  • Special Stacking Procedures. AT-PAC racks can be installed with cage inserts to protect and secure products during transportation and storage. This is especially helpful when packaging smaller items such as clamps. Cage inserts reduce the risk of damage to the product as they eliminate the need for material sacks, which can break or split.
  • Optimized Truck Loads. We understand that customers want to fit as many racks on trucks as possible to limit the number of shipments and save costs. AT-PAC’s racks can be stacked to best utilize truck capacity and reduce the cost of shipping and storage.

Dedication to Safety

When it comes to scaffolding, there is no higher priority than safety. While speed and cost-effective scaffolding solutions are of utmost importance, AT-PAC never sacrifices safety. Our thorough inspection and testing processes set the foundation for creating safe and reliable scaffolding products you can rely on. Our commitment to safety has helped us become one of the most trusted names in industrial scaffolding.

AT-PAC demonstrates our dedication to quality assurance throughout the entire scaffolding lifecycle. From designing and engineering reliable scaffolding products to delivering shipments without hassle, we strive to meet the highest standards of consistency, safety, and reliability in the most efficient way possible.  Contact us to learn more about the commitment to quality assurance we live by everyday.

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