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This section is dedicated to keeping our customers in the know about the latest news from AT-PAC. We also are dedicated to providing our clients with the resources they need in order to be successful which includes offering quality, in-depth educational material.

As part of our commitment to safety, we help contractors and project managers by providing a range of familiarization opportunities complete with erection and dismantling tips. These additional scaffolding resources help our partners, and their teams most effectively leverage scaffolding investments.

Watch the videos and read the posts on this page to learn more about a variety of scaffolding products and how to use them properly.

Now Hiring: Accounts Payable Specialist

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE SPECIALIST Position Type: Full-time Seniority Level:  Associate Primary Job Functions: Customer Service Accounting/Auditing   AT-PAC has made a company-wide, global commitment, to hire and “onboard” the best human capital possible, including our efforts concerning continuous employee development, empowerment, and engagement. As such, AT-PAC is upgrading our current ACCOUNTS PAYABLE SPECIALIST role at our global headquarters in […]

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Knowing the Difference Between Transoms

What Transoms Mean to Your Scaffolding Platforms: Mid, Ledger to Plank, and Plank to Plank Transoms are underutilized components that work great for creating safe gaps in platforms or closing unwanted gaps in platforms, safe, cleanly and efficiently. This article is designed to highlight the key characteristics of the various Transoms available so that you […]

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Why use Ringlock Scaffolding System in a Coal Hopper?

Thermal power plant managers must oversee the operations of a number of critical areas. Ensuring proper and adequate coal storage is just one of those responsibilities. However, when it comes time to construct a new coal hopper, or clean and service an existing hopper, extra resources are needed. That is where Ringlock Scaffolding System comes […]

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Scaffolding Accessories for Unusual Structures

When the layperson thinks about scaffolding, they think about straightforward applications on the regular facades of multi-story buildings. Many scaffolding applications do resemble what the public sees every day. However, unique scaffolding structures are needed at specialized job sites, like shipbuilding yards, chemical plants, and industrial sites where complex job conditions demand specific accessories. The average […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Scaffolding Parts and Accessories Last Longer

When you invest in equipment for your construction project, you should be able to rely on its functionality and durability. All scaffolding parts and accessories are bound to take a beating over the course of a long project, and you should be confident in their ability to last without losing functionality or becoming unsafe. When […]

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9 Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Scaffolding Manufacturer

Each construction project comes with unique circumstances, but two elements underlie the success of every job site: time and money.  The scaffolding manufacturer you choose should understand the need to complete a project on time and on budget and work with you to make that happen. Of course, no two scaffolding companies are exactly alike.  […]

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How Custom Scaffolding Engineering Powers a Profitable EPC Project

Scaffolding engineering services allow you to tailor parts to fit your unique needs. Here is a strange question, but answer it honestly: Have you ever purchased a garment labeled “one-size-fits-all” that you truly loved? Did you get plenty of gushing compliments on how well it suited you? Were you loath to give it up when […]

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Scaffolding Safety: 5 Steps to Take Before Erecting Scaffolding

Everyday, dozens or even hundreds of people – friends and coworkers, beloved sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers – trust their lives and their livelihoods to safe and effective scaffolding solutions. Scaffolding safety is of prime importance. By definition, these movable, adjustable, customizable construction tools can either prevent or cause dangerous conditions at the job site, […]

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3 Ways to Improve Scaffolding Safety at a Job Site

  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 2.3 million construction workers — or 65 percent of the industry — work on scaffolds. It is a dangerous job: 4,500 scaffold-related injuries and 60 scaffold-related deaths hit job sites in the U.S. each year. That adds up to $90 million in lost […]

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